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06 August 2005 @ 03:00 am
Screw what I have been doing since when I posted last so I will go on and post about what I did today.

Today started at 1 PM today :-p I got up and ate breakfast and whatnot and talked to people online for a little while..I got up from the comp, and started getting ready. I got Janel and we came back here and watched Tuesday's Reno 911. It was hilarious, I'll prolly watch it again sometime before the weekend is over haha..so after that got some dinner and went to McDonalds and Publix to get Paychecks and the like..I swear I can't walk into Publix without someone saying "Chris!" and wanting to shake my hand or something..It's confusing, cause I don't like doing that, anymore at least heh, I like to go in do whatever I need to do, and then leave again..but I hadn't seen some of those people and so I shook hands :-p

After that, Janel and I headed back to my house. I was lying on the floor messing with my cell phone about to call Carl to see what was up for tonight, but Isabelle and Carl showed up in my room..needless to say that startled me and I hung up heh. So we headed out to San Marco to see the 9 Emmy Nominated Short Films..there were 3 I actually had seen before in one of my travels to UCF. There was this one though called "7:35 de la manana"..it was really random and relatively funny..here's the link.. http://www.735am.com and thanks to Carl for posting that and IMing me that. So after that, Carl, Isabelle, and I headed over to Isabelle's house where we chit-chatted and messed around with a few games. Since Carl had to head home, we both left and now I'm here writing this.

Even though I've been up for a little over 13 hours, it feels like I have experienced an entire day..usually I get up and go to work so I never get that feeling.

That's all for now, since it's getting kinda long :-p

Current Mood: contentcontent/sleepy
Current Music: DHT - Listen To Your Heart (On the Radio)